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Woman get’s big payout for disability claim

Sometimes we end up in a place where we need help. In a recent case, I helped a client with a disability claim, gain a substantial disability payout when she it was diagnosed that she was progressively losing her sight. But it was not an easy process…

My client rang me in some distress because she knew she would not be able to continue working much longer due to her failing sight. She wanted to know what life was going to be like once she could no longer earn a wage. I made an appointment and we discussed the matter in her home a few days later.

At the meeting it was clear to me that this lady qualified for a disability payout under the Total Permanent Disability cover insurance policy she had in her super account so I immediately made arrangements to apply for a payout under the policy.

Now, you’d think this disability claim was a pretty open and shut case; the lady was losing her sight and would soon be completely blind – clearly a case of total and permanent disability. But we had to fight for it.

You don’t need to jump through hoops for a disability claim
The insurance company did pay out the full claim but they needed to be absolutely convinced the case was genuine and this took quite some time to achieve. We had to jump through some hoops on her behalf but were able to use our experience and knowledge of the processes involved to achieve the outcome we all wanted.

This just goes to show how important a financial adviser can be in circumstances where people need help, especially with a disability claim.

It’s great to be there for my clients when this kind of thing happens.

If you need help with a disability claim, call Superannuation in Australia Today on 1300 742 828.

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